Review Samsung Galaxy Nexus 16GB Sim Free Smartphone

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Review Samsung Galaxy Nexus 16GB 

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 16GB Sim Free Smartphone 
 I've now owned this phone for around 2 weeks, and I am incredibly impressed with it. Here are my impressions of it:
The build is surprisingly good, I was worried about the fact it's mostly plastic but I'm actually really grateful. It's much lighter than my old Desire Z (which doubled as a paperweight) and also incredibly thin. The curved screen is not very noticeable but just exudes awesomeness when you have it casually laying on a table. I really like that the front has very few features when the screen is off, and looks very understated. A lot of my friends have complemented me on it! My biggest issue with the phone is that the screen is huge and really difficult to operate one-handed unless you have big hands (I don't). There's a lot of hand-shuffling from the top to the bottom, or using two hands.
The screen is really nice. I have had no issues with the auto-dimming feature other people have found, it 


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