Review Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab 7-inch 3G + Wi-Fi Tablet (ARM Cortex A8 1GHz, 16 GB, 7-inch TFT LCD, Bluetooth, Android 2.2) - Sim Free

Thursday, 5 July 2012


e been looking for an e-book reader that has mp3 potential and video playback for awhile so its one device instead of 3. I did look at the ipad but its just massive and the whole point for me is to reduce the weight of a book in my hand and the ipad is quite weighty. The galaxy tab is the first item I have seen with all three at a relatively nice handheld sort of size.

The wireless on this system works straight away and in the welcome stuff it helps you get straight onto the net so you can immediately take benefit of the uses of this tablet.

This is really quick to use, the applications load up fast and it has some lovely features to it. The sound coming out of the tab is pretty decent for video playback and mp3's but I reckon if your listening to mp3's through it your more likely to have headphones in. The video playback plays seamlessly, no motion blur or pausing whilst the device finds more of the file. I only watched a 20 minute episode but it handled it well and it looked very pretty through this hd screen.

There is one game on startup and it doesn't look that interesting but there is a samsung games app linking you straight to their games. The same goes for their videos/films.



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